My name is Winston Spencer Leslie, but I always go by my middle name, Spencer. I am a William W. Elliott Assistant Research Professor and NSF postdoctoral fellow at Duke University, where I am working with Jayce Getz. I graduated in 2018 from Boston College, where my advisor was Solomon Friedberg.

I will be on the academic job market this upcoming fall!

Research Interests

I am interested in representation theory, with emphases in automorphic, p-adic, and geometric representation theory. In particular, I enjoy thinking about:

  • Automorphic representations of reductive groups or their covers
  • Relative trace formulae and local harmonic analysis
  • (Generalized) Whittaker models and Whittaker functions
  • Geometric crystals, crystal graphs, and total positivity
  • Perverse and parity sheaves on flag varieties

Recently, I have been thinking about issues of stabilization for relative trace formulae associated to certain symmetric spaces.